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City of Westminster
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Theatrical London
From The Stews of Southwark to the West End: from Shakespeare to Stoppard via Music Hall and Gilbert and Sullivan. Stories, stars and ghosts that haunt London’s Theatreland. And there’s theatre on the streets too: mime artists, moving sculptures and the hurly burly of London life.
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Royal London
The Royal Family has been entertaining, moving and shocking us for a thousand years. Three Royal Parks, three Royal Palaces and a cast list that Hollywood would kill for. Mad kings, sad kings, randy kings, powerful queens and of course their troublesome offspring!
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Up Guards and at 'em
They’re changing guard at Buckingham Palace: these elite troops are not just for show but have a distinguished history. The Duke of Wellington was a national hero, but who on earth are those long forgotten generals dotted around the West End on plinths and columns? A look at the stories behind the statues.
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Power and Politics
Whitehall is the street of government leading down to the Houses of Parliament. 10 Downing Street, the headquarters of MI5 and MI6 and that’s all you need to know. Or is it? What is the role of The Queen – the clubs in Pall Mall - Trades Unions – big business - The London Assembly? Where does the power lie?
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Victoria and Albert
‘Dear Albert’. Mourned by Queen Victoria, but never loved by her subjects. She was as passionate and wilful as he was sober and industrious. After his early death she mourned for fifty years, but celebrated his memory with a glorious memorial, The Albert Hall and the museums of South Kensington.
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Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat
Winston Churchill, soldier, journalist, parliamentarian and above all a matchless orator: His life seen through the prism of his finest hour, London in World War II. You may want to add on a visit to the underground, bomb proof Cabinet War Rooms.
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