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A La Carte

Mix and Match
If you want to combine a walk with a visit to a particular sight, it’s easy enough to arrange.

Themed Tours
You might want a themed tour. ‘Shakespeare and his Contemporaries’, ‘Ghosts of the City and West End’, ‘Poets and Painters’, ‘Feeding London’, ‘Sports and Games’, ‘Gunpowder, Treason and Plot’, ‘Valentine’s Day’, ‘Scandal’, ‘Murder, Mayhem and Riot’, ‘Saints and Sinners’, ‘Nelson and Emma’, ‘Wellington’, ‘John Betjeman’, ‘Music Hall’ and so ad infinitum… Suggest what interests you and I may well be able to help.

Other Sights
I am qualified to guide in most cathedral cities, castles and museums in the South East of England, so feel free to enquire about any that I haven’t mentioned.


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